Do you truly own your own land or house?  are you Positive?
Do you have a deed or a land patent on your land and home?
If you have a Deed.   You do not own your land or home.
You must have a Land Patent to truly own your land and home.
Land Patent
Home Sweet Home
I am a certified Land Patent Processor
Before I can help you.  You must help yourself and learn the truth.                  I would need an ASR forum filled in completely.
(click on forum above)
You must get a certified copy of the last land patent on your land.
(go to
Now you must go the your county records office and get certified copies of all the deeds issued up to and including yours.
(You do not need the misc or things after your deed)
Your name must be on the documents with upper and lower case lettering and can not be in a company or trust name but a human name only
Now if you have your first home on the land you can have a homestead.
You can not homestead more than one home.

You may go to any certified land pocessor but no applications will be excepted for registering your land pantent without having a certified land processor name and number.
Now the total charge for doing the processing is $630.00 plus your own expenses for getting the paper work to me and for doing your local work getting the certified copies, posting of your land patent, sending papers to the last recordered owners.
On the blm site
click on land patents
then enter your state then enter your county
then go down to township enter your twp #
then enter the Range # 
Then go down to Sec and place the sec # in 
Then click on search patents  Now look under sec# col find your sec #
now look for the quarter of land Aliquots
Now look for more with the same
Then check the Date to see which is the last one. 
Then click on  Accession name. 
If in blue you can order on line a certified copy at 1.35 per copy or you can email to: or write to:   

IF in ND, SD, MT it other states here is a listing of addresses:
another thing you must do is set up a skype account.  This is so I can comunicate with you by internet instead of seeing you in person.  Also have a video cam hook up to your computer So as I may see you doing the paper work needed.   If you do not have this feature I will have to see personally and you will have to arrange a time for us to meet.  it is free go to:
Owner 1 and Owner 2 have
brought forward the land
patent and occupy the land
located at 1234 Main Street,
Your Town, State, recorded
at the clerk’s office. Published
March 24, 31, April 7, 14, 2012
Here is a sample of notice to place in your local newspaper

   *  A Deed does not convey ownership – you are a tenant on the land, not a land owner.
   * A Land Patent is the conveyance of land from one sovereign (the President, Governor, King) to another sovereign.
   * Only sovereigns can update and bring forward a Land Patent.
   *  Only Sovereigns can own land.
   * A lawful Land Patent is the highest form and proof of ownership.
   * Only land owners are electors and only land owners can vote for the President.
   * A lawful Land Patent has never been defeated in court.
   * The Federal District Court must uphold all lawful Land Patents.
   * A Land Patent exempts the land from property taxes.
   * A bank cannot repossess land that has a lawfully updated Land Patent.
   * A City or County does not have legal authority to enforce codes on land that has a lawful Land Patent in place.
   * A City or County does not have the lawful authority to confiscate and sell land for taxes if the owner has a lawful Land Patent.
   * Land Patents never expire. Land Patents last forever. Land Patents do not need to be renewed.
   * An owner cannot transfer a Land Patent to someone else. It must be brought forward by the new owner.

NOTICE: fee will increase May 1st to $630

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